Be like a bambbo tree.

Bend but don't break.
Be flexible yet firmly rooted.
Remember: What looks weak is strong. ...
Be always strong.
Unleash ur power to spring back.
Find wisdom in emptiness.
Commit to (continuous) growth.
Express usefulness through simplicity.

Never regret anything you have been through because only with those trials will you become a better person next day.

 p/s: This is the video share by my lecture in class today. Quite meaningful and motivated if you could understand all the meaning behind this video. Thanks Mr. Favorite-Lecturer. :) Ok, don't get the wrong idea here. He is one of my sumber inspirasi. :)


WZ said...

mcm pyscho pulak bila 'Nothing Happens" ulang bebanyak kali. lol

tp nice one. tak tau pulak Bamboo ni amik 5 years utk tumbuh. =)

Fay said...

aku pun tak tau. ingat kan tanam macam tu je dah tumbuh.