Its late I know but let me type this

Hi people!
Yeah its me midnight, typing this entry when my sister and my mom have already go to the La.La Land
Its a bit scary, my surrounding is too quite and I can hear the clock ticking. Plus I keep hearing the sounds of dog barking and howling. I should go to sleep now, but I cannot turn away from my lappy. I have become lappy addict now. Not good, not good. But looking at the bright side I'm not a drug addict so I guess its ok right? -_-

I have lots and lots of thing to spill here. But I find myself distracted and doing other things besides updating my blog. I want to write about my friend's birthday, about my recent obsession, few tips to be an ullzang (HAHA! Omo??), new movies and songs etc etc etc. Lots of things to write peeps! I promise I'll try to update soon.Pray for me so I'll not be distracted again. XD

I have joined a forum last month, but I only being active few days ago. Blame for the internet speed and the overuse of bandwidth! -_-" Few weeks ago was a hell for an internet addict like me. It took me nearly 20 minute for Facebook to loading, I cant open Youtube, cant download, and it takes me hours if I stumble upon a blog with lots of widget in it. Haihhh -_- Since now the internet has return to its normal health, I can go online as much as I want. Oh about the forum, it is a forum for a Kpop/Jpop addict like me. (woahhh I have to many addiction! But don't worry I'm not a drug addict and its not contagious. :P) I join the chatroom there and we have lotsss of fun!! The admins there are really crazy! But I cannot join often since my sister want to use my lapy and I still have another things to do.

I play with photoshop today. I'm not an expert in using this photoshop thingy but I always wanted to learn how to use it. I found a simple tutorial on how to make a wallpaper and yess! I can do it, but not as expert as other. A good start for an amateur like me right? Still a long wayy to go! At least I can make my brain work this holiday. Haha! I also play with my HTML code today. Feel like to make some improvement for the blog layout ad makes my blog totally myself!! :D Did you see my sidebar? :D I spent a whole day adjusting the width and length. So sorry for those who coming to my blog and see it in a mess. I forgot to make it private for a while. Mianhaee~~

I just found few minutes ago, that for my upcoming semester there will be no study week for final. (For the next semester only) . I'm speechless. With 4 subjects with 4 credit hour plus with tones of ASSignments, I cannot imagine how I'll cope with next sem studies. Last sem is like a hell for me (although the subject is not hard). The surroundings that makes me crazyyy. I'm glad its over now. Or is it just a beginning to another mind torturing for me? -_-

I found myself in lovee with this guy. Oh no, what happen to my Jaejoongie??

Its late now. I should go to sleep, eventhough I dont feel sleepy yet.


기희 said...

Jungmin is adorable^^ but I prefer Kyu Jong but he came second after Kyu Jong hehehe.. hehe Jungmin the horse lololol


Fay Nana (Cik Fana) said...

haha for me kyu jong come second!! :D

Athra said...

jungmin tiba2 mcm comel kali ni. auwwww~ haha

WZulhilmi said...

Apa website forum tu?? Best ke?? Boleh lah aku join.. Miahahahah

xXrucciXx said...

sayang.. buat apa kat sini?? kekekekek

ok2.. jkjkjk...

Fay Nana (Cik Fana) said...

Tyra: tu lah kenape ek?

Wzylhilmi: nanti aku bg link die.

Rucci: Jaejoong dah suruh die balik dah. :P

Michiko Pieces said...

ur english is superb..simple tp msti hasih cikgu presena ni..haha..waaa bile nk pandai opmutih ni....sob2

Fay Nana (Cik Fana) said...

azah kite punye english bapak terabur lah. even sgt susah kalau ade conversation dlm english. :P

thx for teacher jugak. i think urs is better. :D