Happy Birthday Ryeowook!

Happy 23rd/24th Birthday to Our Eternal Magnae Baby Wookie~~♥♥♥ 

It's nice to see your smile.
Your smile has brighten up my life and filled it with joy.
Hope this day as special as you are!!
You looks younger day by day.
Next year you probably may turn into a real BABY! ^^

Wish you have a wonderful birthday filled with cool gifts, yummy cakes and free make-up sample! XD
What do you want for your presents?
Tell me fast-fast!
*You want hug and kisses?*
Sure, I'll give it to you when we meet one day.
Or maybe I'll give it when you come here for your SS3. :P

You probably wont ever grow an inch Wookie.
Doesn't matter, I love you for the way you are.
It makes you even more cuteeerrrr :)
Also you dont have to gain muscle or abs.
Being an Eternal Magnae is enough for me.

Awwww~~ thanks Wookiee!! 
RYEOWOOK,once again happy bithday…SARANGHAEYO~!!!


balqis said...

happy bday, ryeowook! :)

Fay Nana (Cik Fana) said...


WZulhilmi said...

Siapa nih?? Byk nya besday wish untuk beberapa hari ni.. hahaha

syufaa said...

happy birthday jugaaa..mcm die tau..hehehe.. :P

nas said...

minat eh ngan artis korea..ak satu pon xkenal..ehehehe..hepy bfday to him ehehe