My Ear Candy.

Hey hey they are back! I bet everyone knows that Super Junior now returns with their 4th album Boonamana which is release yesterday. I'm so freaking excited!! I already hear their first single, Boonamana (Beautiful Lady) and it seems like I cannot get the song out of my head. HAHAHA!  It is a catchy song which u feel like u wanna shake your body after you hear it...but at the certain part i feel like there are similarity with Sorry Sorry and the MV too kinda like Sorry Sorry. But unfortunately instead of 13 only 10 members doing the comeback. WHAT... :(

 Yeah I'm sad too Max. *wipe tears*

Feels awkward with only 10 of them. After TVXQ and now they are splitting up too. Hmm...well whatever happen I'm looking forward to this 4th album. Hope it will not disappointed me! :D My baby Wookie also has his solo part in this album. You can hear it here. I'm absolutely in love with his voice. *melting*

And my CN BLUE also scheduled to release a new mini album titled BLUELOVE on May 19th.Wow! Double excitement. They have released a new single Love Light which is so freaking awesome. They made a hit with their debut I'm A Loner and now with their folow up single, it makes my heart THUMP THUMP THUMP! :D 

It is like listening to Jason Mraz song. A very relaxing song. Love the part when Yonghwa said "I'm a genie for you girl.." Awww...

Besides Cn Blue, many others are planning for making their comeback this month. Ahh~ this is awesome! :D

This post are totally filled with fan girl mode.
HAHAHA! What to do, I have to fulfill my need as fan girl. :)
See you next time!


| Aku si Pony | said...

suke cn blue lagu im a loner! ;)

Fay Nana said...

best kann. :))

si bunga said...

suke lagu ni...:)

Fay Nana (Cik Fana) said...

sedap kannn> :)