CN Blue's LOVE MV Released!

Finally their MV is out! ~WAAAAA~ *ehem sorry, fangirl screaming. LOL!* After watching their teaser I am very anxious to see what their MV will look like. Well, well, CN Blue, you not disappointed me this time! :D Withe the release of their MV, they also release their 2nd mini album BLUELOVE today! OMG, with the financial crisis I have now, it is a perfect time for their album to come out. VERY PERFECT! :'( Looks like they also come out with new image for the new album. Let see, err MinHyuk, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH YOUR HAIR?? :O I prefer your old hair, you look so sweet and super cute with it. JungShin, I love your new image. But, at the certain angel, you look like JongHyun. -_-" The burning JongHyun now looks calmer. OMG I'm so in looooove with you!! YongHwa, you still sexy as usual. :D

Check it out! This is their new MV title LOVE.

Yeah BOICEs! Let's Go Crazy now! This song has a happy feeling in it. :D I'm not good in describing a song but what i know is, this song has stuck in my head and it cannot get out for a.........LONG TIME! :D 

Lets have a sneak peak of what each title in Bluelove will going to look like :D

1. Title song "LOVE" is a modern rock song with a shuffle rhythm. Has a combination of acoustic guitar and electric guitar that gives a cool and groovy attraction. You can feel CNBLUE's unique rhythm. From 2nd verse, it's changed to metal and you can feel Jung Yong Hwa's powerful rap.

2. "Sweet Holiday" is cheerful rock number of CNBLUE's style. Calm intro then changed to vital and cheerful beat. Drummer Kang Min Hyuk wrote the lyrics. He shows how a twenty-year-old boy feels the emotion of love.

3. "Black Flower" is of the rock genre. Minor song plus shuffle rhythm. You can hear Jung Yong Hwa's powerful singing ability.

4. "Tatoo" has lyrics and composition by Jung Yong Hwa. It has strong sounds and funky elements.
After refrain, the hook part expresses strong and pathetic feeling.

5. "Love Light" also had its lyrics and composition by Jung Yong Hwa. Acoustic guitar and Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Jong Hyun's vocal are well mixed. It has a beautiful melody and lovely lyrics which makes your heart full of love. It's a lovely song which makes listeners feel many emotions. 

6. "Let's go crazy" is from CNBLUE's first Indie album from Japan. It lets you enjoy a cheerful and powerful rhythm which Jung Yong Hwa's unique vocal makes you want to listen to.

source: Introduction to BLUELOVE album (from MNET), Translated by saturn. @soompi forums
Hey, why there is to many LOVE in this album. From the title of the album to the title of the song. If it is showing their love to thier fan, I am happily accepeted it, but if it for someone no NO. Its not acceptable. *(still remember the I'm genie for ou girl thing..T_T ) HAHAHA! So fangirl-ish. Hopefully, they can make to the top with the release of this new album. I don't know what it is going to look like with the comeback of SuJu. Not to mention other group are planning for their comeback too.

Well, well, well....CN BLUE FIGHTING!! 


UknoWana said...

Waaaaaa!!!!!!!! i scream louder than u! lol..
jonghyun owes look calm... my dong saeng!! saranghae!!! joai!!

Fay Nana (Cik Fana) said...

lets scream together. WAAAAAA! :D