Let Me Be The One

Finally, the long awaiting MV is out.
SS501-Let Me Be The One
ThanKYU. :D
*wipe tears*

I Love You guys. I support whatever path you choose. I know you guys are getting older and will not be forever in a group. You guys are the best thing happen in my life. You are the reason why I'm still not giving up being a fangirl. (this is happen during TVXQ lawsuit). I might not have been there from the beginning, but its from now on that matters.

let me be the one, let me be your man, i want to be the one (let me be the one)
let me be the one, i am always thinking about you, everyday (oh love)
let me be the one, i promise, that i will live for you (let me be the one)
let me be the one, i will always love you, forever (oh love) *
A break up song? IDK IDK.


syufaa said...

uhh? sy sgt blur.

xXrucciXx said...

it's like 'Let Them Be The One' for us in this video...
sumpah nangis tgk video ni.. sob sob :(

SS501 Forever!

WZulhilmi said...

ko ni mcm dah mood kemurungan je nih?? hahaha

Fay Nana (Cik Fana) said...

to all: sorry I'm ok sebenarnya. my hand injured la, ssh nak taip. tu yg agak murung lah. :D