Serious BUZYness

I'm not in my good mood these past few days. maybe because of the hormone or because i'm stress with my thesis writing.

and something has been disturbing my feeling too. 

it usually happen to me. and it takes a lot of time for me to recover to my usual self. 

so i decided to put on hiatus of all my social networking site.  Maybe only twitter or fb. not blog. they always distract me from my work, and this time i want to be serious. yes. thesis is serious business. i screw up my final exam last semester and i can see i'm repeating that subject. :(

Class almost start, dateline also around the corner.



Fay also having fun here. with her thesis and travelling (untuk kutip data). hehe! dengan harapan nanti boleh dapat A. dapat grad dengan cemerlang InsyaAllah.

Till then.

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