End of exam, baby!

After about three weeks (including study week) cramming my tiny brain with all those notes, battling with ridiculous(?) and unexpected question, my exam finally over. Pheww~~ I only have two paper for finals and one major quiz for this semester and I know some people say "Dua paper je. Ala senangnya, gap pun panjang." Puh-leas. You will know how hard it is (i mean REALLY HARD) when you actually sit for it. T.T

The last paper are the toughest one. We don't have any clue at all how the question will be because there is no past year question for us to refer. And the question are...some of it not in the lecture notes too. T.T There is one question i remember till now (because i give the most ridiculous answer a student will give and I think my prof is rolling on floor laughing now reading my answer sheet). The question need us to explain what is the meaning of "Science is a double edge sword" =.=" There is no single explanation about this on the notes!  Believe me, I almost laugh when i wrote the answer (because it is so fiction which you usually find it in the novel) Untuk menambah kengerian soalan ni keluar dalam part wajib, yang mana ada banyak lagi soalan serupa gini. Quite a mess i did for the 'wajib' part. I can see all the marks flying out of the window just like that. Ini A- pun belum tentu. I'm lucky enough if I can get B. T.T

True, my lecture save the best for the last. But they didn't know, when you give the question i didn't know, I'll give the answer they also didn't know. *faint*

Anyway, benda dah lepas nak buat macam mana kan. What i can do now is tawakal. Kalau ok tu ok la, kalau tak ok tu kita nak buat macam mana ye tak? Lets hope something good will happen then.

Lepas je exam yang menyesakkan nafas tu, me, housemate dan jiran tingkat 10 decided to go to KLCC untuk tenangkan fikiran katanya. :P Have spaghetti for dinner. yummy! Tebus baucer buku dekat Kinokuniya dan jalan-jalan around tasik. Wee~ Tak nampak macam baru lepas paper tough je kan? hehehe! Because we decide not to think about it, walaupun dalam hati tuhan je la yang tau.

With the end of this exam, it's mean that this semester are over. Hello, hello holiday! HAHAHA! But i can't enjoy a lot during this semester break sebab saya terikat dengan FYP. Masa exam lepas saya dah tinggalkan projek ni macam tu je, so it is time to continue back my research. Holiday is the time for data collection, and next semester for data analysis, viva and so on. Yeah, go go GO FAY! You can do it!


WZ said...

benci exam. lagi2 last paper saja nk cari nahas. eeee. *bakar kertas soalan*

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