Him, with his little Jiji.

This is him, in recording room. Where he work. Where he produce a great songs, which later will become my addiction.

This is Jiji, who always accompany him. This little Jiji is the one he love most, the one he miss a lot when he is away with his works and showcases...

When he is working

When he is resting

Jiji will always be there.

Jaejoong: Jiji, we are belong together. Never betray me!
Jiji: Duhh...like i care...*meow*

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"My cat is too fat, I put him on treadmill to make it loosing weight once and got scratch by him, leaving a scar on my hand" - He said.

Aigooooo~sakit perut aku gelak. kesian kena cakar ye bang. 

meh sini saya taruk ubat mau?


WZulhilmi said...

nasib baik tak kena cakar muka.. klu tak abis aset!!! LOL!..

a i d a ; said...

jaejung with his jiji.
comelnyee! :DD

UknoWana said...

alalala... sian abang Mjeje...

Athia Dalily said...
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